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  Shaanxi feldspar electronic Mstar Technology Ltd is a high-tech enterprises in Shaanxi Province, is also the feldspar group after the Foshan Nanhai Changshi Electronic Materials Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Changbao Copper Coating Technology Co., Ltd. is a large electronic material production base. The company covers an area of 120 mu, a total investment of 200000000 yuan.
  The company mainly produces: high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate ( 2.0w~2.5w ), ordinary aluminum substrate ( 1.0w~1.5w ), halogen-free insulating board, composite board, special anti-static LED insulation board, test, borehole bottom, flame retardant epoxy glass cloth laminate FR-4 (including the UV board, Tg board, high environmental board ); epoxy glass cloth laminated composite substrate, insulating board, CCl ( CEM-1, CEM-3 ) series of prepreg and multilayer board. Products are mainly for the LED circuit board, with a single, double-sided circuit board and multi-layer printed circuit board and printed circuit board, widely used in computer, communication equipment, testing equipment, video recorders, electrical products, military equipment and a variety of high-end electronic products.
  Company introduction of production equipment, return line equipment, testing equipment and a full set of advanced technology, specializing in the production of copper clad laminates; insulating board and Multilayer PCB prepreg for. The application and submit product testing, product quality accords with IPC-4101 standard. And through the United States UL safety certification, products comply with EU environmental directives RoHS standards and SGS standards for   environmental protection.
  The company after years of struggling to development, established a relatively perfect sales network and perfect after sale service system, improve the ability of market competition, the supply of domestic and foreign products market; sales network in Southern China, East China and other regions, and exported to foreign markets in Europe and america.

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